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                Jiangsu Sanfangxiang Industrial Company Limited

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                Located in the Yangtze River Delta, Jiangsu Sanfangxiang Industrial Company Ltd is enjoying very covenient transportation both on land and water. It is 150km from the company to Shanghai and 50km to Wuxi.

                As a modern township enterprise specializing in chemical fiber, textiles, printed and dyed fabrics as well as chemicals, the company has now owned the total assets of US$160 million, fixed assets of US$110 million, working capital of US$60 million, and has employed 3,000 staff, including 300 engineers and technicians. In 1999, the company's total turnover broke through US$200 million, with profit and tax exceeding US$130 million.

                The company is composed of fifteen industrial enterprises and two joint ventures, with the Printing and Dying Factory, Weaving and Spinning Factory and Synthetic Fiber Plant as its core enterprises.

                The company has been growing steadily and firmly since obtaining the import and export license in 1993. The volume of import and export will reach US$50 million later this year.

                Our unique experience in various printed and dyed fabrics with super quality enables 90% of our products to be well sold to Europe, the USA, Canada, Japan, Germany, South Korea, Hong Kong SAR and other countries and regions.

                Our advanced equipment, strong technical capability and scientific management guarantee your inquiries and orders to be timely accommodated based on our principle of "Stick to Quality and Prestige"!

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                Jiangsu Sanfangxiang Industrial Company Limited
                Zhouzhuang Town
                Tel:  (86 510) 86229006 /  (86 510) 86229883
                Fax:  (86 510) 86229870
                Email Address(es):

                Homepage: /
                Other Homepage Address: http://www.sfxjt.com

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                Key Contact:
                Mr  Xue,  Jinliang
                I/E Department


                Printed cotton fabric : 1 of 3

                Woven fabric : 1 of 2

                Ramie fabric : 1 of 1

                Stretch fabric : 1 of 3


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