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                Jiangsu Sanfangxiang Industrial Company Limited

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                  Superiority-Our Pursuit

                Our director: Mr Bian Pinggang

                Our General Manager: Mr Bian Fuhou

                  With the mission of establishing a top-ranking brand, we are seeking for the superiority in product quality as well as management. To realize high efficiency, we encourage innovations and stress on the scientific management. Meanwhile, we are attracting talents and making the best use of them as well.

                Our enterprise culture originates from China but integrates the excellence of the Western civilization.

                As to our future development, we shoot at turning into an ACE enterprise. To make the blueprint come true, we'll increase the investment year by year and focus on the technology innovation. In details, we are trying to push the sales volume to over US$125 million in three years.

                This year, we invested US$20 million on the transformation of PBT engineering plastic as well as the printing and dyeing projects to raise the social and economic benefits! We are also preparing to go public in domestic stock market this year to enhance our competitiveness!

                  Contact Details

                Jiangsu Sanfangxiang Industrial Company Limited
                Zhouzhuang Town
                Tel:  (86 510) 86229006 /  (86 510) 86229883
                Fax:  (86 510) 86229870
                Email Address(es):

                Homepage: /
                Other Homepage Address: http://www.sfxjt.com

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                Key Contact:
                Mr  Xue,  Jinliang
                I/E Department

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